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Mould Testing

Mould is a serious problem in some New Zealand homes, Healthy Home Inspections offers comprehensive mould testing solutions for your property.

Some moulds are toxic, mould testing identifies the type of mould in your property including black mould.

Our Mould Testing Process

We determine if there is a leakage problem and from where it is coming from.

The inspector then investigates any potential or existing mould or bacteria problems. Our sophisticated moisture testing equipment and infrared cameras pinpoint the areas affected.

We then take samples to identify what type of bacteria or mould we are dealing with and assist your concerns about you and your families health and safety by undertaking mould testing.

The inspector will supply a written report on suggested  remediation. (Scope of works). We will also test for bacteria build-up where there has been stagnant water sitting or sewage leaks.

The only way to ensure accurate results with any certainty is to employ professional testers like Healthy Home Inspections who can carry out thorough testing following strict procedures, arm yourself with the facts by contacting Healthy Home Home Inspections (M & M Testing Services). Arrange an appointment with our discreet testing team throughout the Lower Nth Island region.

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Mould testing
Mould Decontamination report

The New Zealand Mould Problem

Mould in Kiwi Homes is a serious problem and its only getting worse. New Zealand is noted as a country with high levels of dampness in housing and low temperatures in our Houses.
This is because of our high outdoor humidity, relative poor housing stock and up to recently, inadequate insulation and heating.


A recent telephone survey found that:

  • 35% of people identified mould in at least 1 room of their home
  • 48% of those had mould in their bathroom
  • 47% in the master bedroom.
mould testing lower hutt

Health Risks

If there has been a sewer leak or there is stagnant water there is probably potential for serious health issues because of bacteria.

If it is a small problem we can advise you on remediation, if it is a larger problem, we can recommend contractors who specialize in the cleaning and repair of contaminated properties.

If you need a plumber, sparky builder or another tradie we can suggest a number of good companies.

What type of mould testing do we do?

  • Air sampling, As a result of the potential to peoples health living in the property. (We own our own air sampler)
  • Sellotape sampling, off walls and ceilings.
  • Finally, bulk sampling, if it is curtains, carpets and other materials.

All testing is done in an approved IANZ Laboratory.

Healthy Homes Inspections partner with Biodet Services for all our mould testing. Results usually take a few days to a week.

black mould testing

Mould Removal in Houses

At times it may be necessary to seal off parts of the property to prevent cross-contamination from one room to another. We will advise you about the best health and safety steps you can take to stay safe.

Small Remediation

We will help you with suggestions on remediation work, so you can take care of the issues yourself.

Large Remediation

We will assist you in finding an appropriate contractor and supply them with a scope of works to remove all mould or bacteria affected materials.

All areas will then be treated where mould or bacteria has been removed, ensuring there are no further spores in the affected places.

We often suggest fumigating with some of our products to kill any viable spores that are in the air.

Our promise

We will go over the necessary steps involved in the removal of all mould that we have identified in your property. We will endeavour to make it as simple as possible with the least inconvenience to you.

Meth testing equipment

Finally, we will do post-remediation mould testing as required to ensure the mould or bacteria will not return.
Once mould is established it is very difficult to eradicate. All contaminated materials have to be removed safely, the remaining areas dried, cleaned, treated and checked.

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Mould testing wellington

Our Clients

Homeowners, tenants, landlords, prospective buyers. One phone call is all it takes to start the process which could save you thousands of dollars and eliminate risks to your health.

Our Aim

To improve indoor health and assist with preventive building material break downs.

Our Qualifications

IICRC Water Restoration Tech, Residential Mould Inspector, IICRC Mould Remediation. Certified Home Performance Advisor.

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