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Reliable NZ meth testing

You could carry out meth testing yourself with store-bought kits but there is a high chance your results will be inaccurate. Store-bought kits are hard to understand and if you don’t sample correctly the results will be skewed.

To ensure accurate meth testing results, use professional service providers with years of experience. Healthy Home Inspections (M & M Testing Services) will carry out thorough meth testing following strict protocols. 

Arm yourself with the facts by contacting Healthy Home Inspections, arrange an appointment with our discreet meth testing team who work throughout the Lower North Island.

We partner with IANZ approved labs Hills Laboratories and Analytica Laboratories.

meth testing
methtest process

The testing process used by Healthy Home Inspections

Healthy Home Inspections liaise with homeowners, property managers and real estate agents to arrange an appointment.


  • Our testers take samples for an initial Yes/No or Field Composite test ( indicating the presence of meth contamination)
  • We will conduct a visual inspection and also use a specialist VOC meter to determine the best sampling points in the property.
  • If meth is detected over 1.5µgs we do further sampling to send to the lab for exact levels.
  • Client receives a full report with decontamination options.
  • Finally following decontamination we retest.  When levels are below 1.5 the Remediation Company  will issue a clearance certificate.

Initial Instant MethTest:

First of all this methtest gives you a yes/no answer at the time of sampling.  Further more the test determines if levels are over 1.5 µg/100cm², which is the NZ Standard.

We sample 9 individual areas in your property giving seperate pass or fail in each area.

Each cassette will show us a pass or a fail reading.

This test does not give levels but gives an indication if there has meth used in the property above the NZ Standard 8510:2017.

Meth testing equipment
meth testing composite test

Field Composite Meth Testing:

Field Composite Meth Testing is used as an indicator of methamphetamine being present. ​5 Samples are collected from the walls in the highest used areas of the property. They are sent to the lab to collate a combined level of meth present. If meth  levels are above 1.5 µg/100cm² further discrete testing is required. This is to find in which areas the meth contamination is the highest for remediation purposes

Lab Composite Meth Testing:

The meth test process for our Lab Composite Meth Testing is to use individual swabs, taken from all rooms and put in individual test tubes.

At the laboratory, small pieces from each swab are put into one tube and tested together. This will give a reading for the property. 

If meth is not detected above the NZ8510:2017 standard of 1.5µg/100cm² no further action is required.

If meth is detected the lab can retest the individual tubes for readings for each area at a fraction of the cost it would be if discrete sampling was undertaken.

Meth testing lab test
Meth testing

Discrete Lab Testing:

These are individual swabs that are collected.  This is done usually after Instant Testing or Field Composite testing failure. Certainly further lab testing is required to find meth levels in the property.

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meth testing discrete lab test
meth testing report

Third Test or Sign off test:

If Meth has been found and you need to carry out Meth decontamination, Healthy Home Inspections will retest the property for you after the decontamination experts have finished to ensure any contamination is now below Ministry of Health guidelines.

All meth testing reports come with photos of where we sampled, explanations of what we found, and recommendations of what to do next if required. Finally this comes as a full report.

Our Reputation 

Healthy Home Inspections has carried out meth inspections for many years. We have worked with our clients to endeavor to look after their properties. We work for a number of property managers, owners and tenants. As a result we care for them by ensuring their health and finances have not been compromised.

We have become well known because of our expertise and experience with dealing with meth testing and meth contaminated properties.

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